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Plane crash . . . two survivors. Lacy, a young Christian woman, finds herself stranded in the mountains with Alex. He has what women want – intelligence wrapped up with muscle – a knight to fight their battles. There’s only one problem . . . he wants nothing to do with God.

Lacy wonders . . . Did God orchestrate the events to bring them together? Will she trust in God’s divine course or travel her own path and face the consequences? Abandonment . . . forgiveness . . . trust . . . Follow Lacy and Alex’s spiritual journey to see how God turns their darkest moments into everlasting blessings.

Lady Rebel Cover

Lightning and thunder crash around her as Elizabeth runs from her pursuer. She rests for only a moment . . . or so she thinks.

Castles . . . swords . . . men of war . . . Elizabeth is stunned! How did she arrive in England? Who brought her here? As she struggles to uncover the events that landed her at Fairwick Castle, nothing is as it should be. Danger surrounds her. Forced to put her trust in the arrogant Lord Nicolas Fairwick, Elizabeth prays for God’s intervention.

A tarnished past . . . An arranged marriage . . . A devastating mistake . . . After a detrimental blunder that stains her future, Brigette hopes to live out her days in her beloved England. With her tainted past forever haunting her steps, her brother forces her into a marriage with a Scotsman. At only 16, she is unprepared for what follows.

Hiding his own shameful secret, Daniel is pleased to make an alliance with an old rival by marrying his sister. What he doesn’t expect is her skewed views of marriage. Will this union of two imperfect people survive when disaster strikes? Never underestimate the power of God when a defining moment crosses your path.

A mercenary . . . A desperate heir . . . A hard choice . . .

As William McKinnon hunts for his father’s kidnappers, unexpected events hurl him down a treacherous path fraught with danger and deceit. With a hardened heart, he runs toward revenge. After her father’s murder, Philippa Emma Gail Fairwick is the sole heir to his estate. Faced with a damaged castle and a starving people, she exposes her secret defense in order to obtain the help she requires.

Will this unlikely pair set aside their own desires to embrace God’s best for them? Follow William and Pippa as they traverse a twisted path to discover how self-sacrifice and obedience brings blessings.

2019 International Book Awards Finalist

A Warrior . . . A Prodigal Daughter . . . A Scandalous Mistake . . .

1633 Scotland. The rules are clear. She breaks them all.

Sixteen-year-old Gillian dreams of adventure. After her twin’s wedding, she decides to accept an invitation to travel with Cameron Munro, a warrior ten years her senior, before her parents arrange a marriage for her.

She plunges into a journey full of surprises, deceit, and tragedy. Each wrong decision she makes soon reveals how worldly pleasures can produce disastrous consequences.

When she’s accused of a crime against the crown, Commander Gabriel Mackintosh arrives to take her before the king. She realizes she trusted the wrong man.

Can her scandalous mistakes be rectified? Can God forgive her and bring healing and restoration?